Plough Shear Mixer

Plough Shear Mixer



Suresh Engineering Works Plough Shear Mixer has a horizontal cylindrical shape with flat end plate. The main shaft passes through the axis of the vessel & is supported at the end plates in specially designed bearing housing. The plough shaped mixing elements are arranged concentrically on the main shaft.The clearance between the ploughs & shell wall is minimum, to facilitate better mixing.




Food Nreak Lining & Industrial Gaskets

Glass Industries

Fire Extinguishing Powder


Dyes & Intermediates


Working Principle

The mixer consists of a cylindrical shell, fitted with series of ploughs rotated on the central shaft which incorporates ploughing motion . This pattern result in collisions & blending of both dry & wet materials. Plough Shear Mixer is long term operation for various applications like mixing, grinding,dispersion etc.

Multiple Choppers are fitted on the mixing vessel between ploughs. Choppers can be with multiple blades or simple depending on the application. They prevent lump formation & better mixing. For controlling the mixing, the chopper motor can be switched on & of independently.


Generally a feed inlet nozzle is provided at the top of the mixer with quick opening lid Rotary valve, Butterfly Valve etc. can be provided depending on application. Discharge nozzle is provided at the bottom of shell for discharging wet or dry material Operating of Discharge door shall be operated manually. This can be fixed, on the front side of the mixer.


Blender can be designed with jacket or without for heating or cooling appication.


The Equipment can be designed for pressure & vaccume application whrer in solid/Liquide/Gas Phase reaction can be carried out


Fluid Coupling is fitted in between motor & Gear box to prevents the drawing of large current by the motor & damage to the drive elements due to frequent starting & stopping of motor

Control Panel

On off switching for Plough & Chopper. Ammeter, Volmeter, Temprature indicator, Pressure indicator, Audio Visual Alarm are housed in the Panel

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