Drum flaker /Drum Drier

Drum flaker /Drum Drier

Drum Drier


Drum flaker/Drier are used to make flakes continuously from molten material. The molten material to be flaked is poured on the tray of Flaker which get solidified on the surface of rotating drum which is scraped to get flakes of desired thickness.

We manufacture Drum Flakers of various capacities depending on the production of flakes required.


Drum Flaker/Drier consist of Drum fabricated from Mild Steel or Stainless steel with hollow shafts on both ends. The drum surfaced is duly ground and hardcromed with superior finish to get uniform thickness of the flakes. The drum is provided with a Hollow Shaft for entry of water for sprinkling on the inside of the drum for cooling purpose.The drum is mounted on selfaligning spherical roller bearing for smooth rotation and to take care of scraping loads. A jacketed feed tray is provided below the drum in which molten material is poured, the molten material gets coated to the drum by a sizer pipe.The Scraping arrangement is made of Copper or Fibre Blades to scrape the flakes. A discharge tray is provided to collect the Flakes.


The Flaker drum/drier is rotated by chain sprocket arrangement with Reduction Gear Box which is driven by a variable pulley drive.